Edge Control

Edge Control: This moisturizing non-greasy gel formula delivers a long-lasting firm-hold and securely lays down the hairline and tames unruly flyaways without flaking, build-up, and sticky residue

STYLING VERSATILITY WITH LONG LASTING HOLD- Gentle formula is safe for relaxed and natural hair textures, yet strong enough to provide a long-lasting firm hold. Apply to the hairline for a polished finish and restyle without the need to wash out until wash-day. A little bit goes a long way!

ENRICHED WITH HONEY & SHEA BUTTER- Formulated with Honey for added nourishment and a luminous, natural sheen while Shea Butter provides moisture and restores hair health from the inside out. Alcohol-Free, Sulfate-Free and contains NO PARABENS, NO PARAFFIN, NO MINERAL OIL.

About Edge Control:

Provides a firm hold to tame unruly hair and moisturizes and smoothens hair edges while providing a beautiful finished polish to hair styles with an intense shine as well as texture for short styles

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