A Picture Perfect Selfie

A Picture Perfect Selfie

I’m sure there are a million pictures in your phone of yourself.  Yep, I know! We all love selfies!  I mean who don’t like taking pictures?  Especially when we feel that we are looking our best.

Everyone loves to be noticed, especially when you rocking a new “hair do” or maybe even when your brows are sitting pretty. It gives you that moment to shine, and rock what you own. Selfies are usually shared on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or just to have in your personal gallery for memories.

Whether you are in your car, at home, on a vacation, at a event, or strolling through the mall; the bomb selfie will set everything off!  Selfies can capture unbelievable moments and send that message that you’re looking for. Many special moments are taken in front of a monument, waterfalls, your new home, or you may just want to capture the time when you’re out with friends.  Just think of a selfie as if you were giving your camera to someone else to capture your moment, but why when you can do it yourself with a selfie stick.  Check out the tips below for the perfect selfie:


What is a selfie?

A selfie is you! Up close and personal.

When taking a selfie remember:

Your smartphone is always best. You can use other gadgets as well but your smartphone is easy to hold and easy to travel with.

Be you, Be different and be Dope’!

Be happy and smile with confidence, pretend No one is watching you.

Stand out amongst the rest.

— you can make it happen by watching your back drop.  What do I mean about back drop? Show off what’s behind you.  If you’re taking a scroll down Sunset Blvd stop and take a selfie in front of the Chateau Marmont which is one of the most famous hotels.  You get it now right?  Capture the moment that you may never see again.

Group selfies are always great.

-show who you’re with and the fun you’re having along with the memories you’re making but make sure the best selfie taker, takes control. Don’t forget to make your hashtags for the “Book” or the “Gram” #crew #squadgoals #nightout #groupselfie.

Show your style, your beauty, makeup and your bomb hair do.

Figure out your best angle and POSE and Snap like it’s your job.  You can filter later if need be.

Remember it’s okay to “Style your Shine”.

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